"Summer At Tiffany"

Summer At Tiffany by Marjorie Hart

I thought this was fiction when I downloaded it onto my Kobo, but it turns out it's the true story of the author's summer working at Tiffany in New York City. It was fun as fiction, but much better as a memoir. Knowing that the stories she tells actually happened make them funnier, more poignant and altogether more interesting.

In the summer of 1945 the author and her friend, Marty, took the train to Manhattan to find summer jobs, hoping it would be as easy as other friends had told them it was to get hired at the very best shops. They found a small apartment and hit the pavement, but days went by with no success until, just about out of options, Marty said they may as well try Tiffany. They hadn't even considered it because they knew it was out of their league, but with nothing left to lose, why not?

To their surprise and delight, they were hired to be the first female pages in Tiffany's history. Wearing provided designer dresses for uniforms, the girls ferried outrageously expensive jewellery - gold, diamonds, pearls, etc. - in special leather bags from the sales floor to the repair department and back again. Some of the tricky situations they found themselves in had me holding my breath, others were just hilarious. It was fascinating to get an inside look at the running of this iconic store that most of us common people will never have the opportunity to enter.

One of the perks of working at Tiffany was watching the famous people who came into the store. Marjorie and Marty were young girls and being that close to the rich, the royal and the glamorous people who frequent a store like Tiffany was a thrill. They loved the fashion, the clubs and restaurants, the men in uniform, and the constant excitement of life in the big city. They were lucky enough to be in Times Square when the announcement came that the war was over. An amazing and unforgettable day. I enjoyed reading about their experiences almost as much as they enjoyed having them.

It's delightful reading, light, fun and perfect for summer!