Reading, Reading, Reading

First, I want to thank Missy of for the Prolific Blogger Award. It was a nice surprise. The idea is for me to pass it on so I'm awarding it to "I Prefer Reading" at Be sure to check out these two blogs and read some of their reviews.

I'm so glad I discovered and took part in Friday's 'Blog Hop'. I found a ton of great book blogs with hundreds of book reviews. My to-be-read list is growing by leaps and bounds. The great thing about there being so many of these blogs is that no matter what genres you like, there is someone out there who shares your taste in books and who can give you dozens of recommendations.

I always thought I was an avid reader, and a fast reader. Boy did I get a shock when I saw how many books other people go through. On one site the blogger listed over 300 books she read last year. Many will read several books a week, and one said she'd had a busy weekend but did manage to get a few books read! I feel like an amateur. I do well to read one or two a week. I guess my affection for thick books and long sagas is part of what limits me, but I'm not convinced I'd want to read any faster than I do. I guess it depends on the book. Some can be devoured quickly, but others need to be savored, enjoying and re-reading the passages that are particularly beautiful.

So I guess I'll keep doing what I'm doing. I'll try to get through books quickly enough to post regularly and keep the blog interesting, and I'll try to alternate quick reads and short books with more ponderous or lengthy works. And, sometimes, I'll probably just read whatever I feel like reading.

My problem now is to limit the amount of time I spend reading other blogs because it can seriously cut into my real reading time. Reading? Or Reading? What a lovely dilemma.


Teresa said...

What a great post. I couldn't have said it better myself. I am always a bit jealous when I see how many books other bloggers have read. I'm lucky if I get through two a week. Keep up the great reading!

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