A Sweet Award

A big thank-you to Whatcha Readin', Books? for passing the Irresistibly Sweet award on to me. Click the link and check out some of her reviews. I'm asked to list 4 guilty pleasures and to pass on the award to 6 bloggers.

My four guilty pleasures would have to be
   1. Sci Fi movies, which I love. Why is it I never read sci-fi books?
   2. Chai Latte. I could drink it everyday, but I do make an effort to limit my indulgence to two or three a week.
   3. Playing word games online. I love words.
   4. Afternoon naps - there's no reason in the world why I shouldn't take an afternoon nap, but I doubt I'll ever stop feeling guilty about it.

Now for the 'passing on' part of this award. In a post a few months ago I said I would be passing awards on to one or two people rather than the 5 or 12 or 15 that the rules of the award say is required. It seems there are a lot of people for whom awards have become a chore instead of an encouragement. It can eat up a lot of time looking for other blogs to pass the award on to and then writing a post with all those links, so I'm doing my admittedly very little bit to help put the fun back in these things by making the ones I pass on less labour intensive. (I know there are people who will disagree with this and I completely respect your opinion and understand that it might mean disqualifying myself for further awards.)

I am passing on the Irresistibly Sweet award to : Kim at Page After Page.  Her blog is a lovely place to spend some time, with lots of interesting reviews and it has a nice spirit about it. Very sweet indeed.

Thanks again to Whatcha' reading, and Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. Now go eat some chocolate or smell the roses or whatever it is you do on Feb 14th. I'd like to spend the rest of the evening reading, but I have to try to figure out why this stupid font keeps shrinking on me. Arghhhh.


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