"A Dangerous Mourning"

A Dangerous Mourning by Anne Perry

I'm so glad I found Ann Perry. (Thanks to all you bloggers who recommended her!) Her novels are the perfect antidote to stress, insomnia, boredom and any number of other unpleasant conditions. You don't have to think too much or analyze anything, just open the book and lose yourself in someone else's life for awhile. It's very satisfying to know there's a pool of books available to dive into whenever I need an escape read and know it will be something I'll like. I won't be blindsided with a string of curse words or graphic sex scenes. I can count on there being noble characters, an interesting story and even decent writing. They may not be great literature but they sure are fine escapism.

A Dangerous Mourning is about a high society family that falls apart when one of them is murdered. When Inspector William Monk (the subject of series of A.P. books) determines that the crime was perpetrated by someone within the household, bonds are tested and trust is strained. The unraveling of family relationships provide a framework for the details of the story, all the secrets and melodrama that come with Victorian mysteries. 

Monk is assisted in his hunt for the truth by a young nurse, Hester Latterly, a strong, opinionated woman hired to nurse the lady of the manor when she becomes ill from the stress. Hester is able to pass on to Monk the stories, opinions and gossip she hears as a member of the household and together they piece together the story of what actually happened. There is a tension between them that adds another dimension to the story.

If you're a fan of mysteries or if you're just looking for something to lose yourself in for awhile, I think you'll like this book. I'm looking forward to reading a lot more of these.


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