From Some Far Place

I wrote this poem some years ago. I used it then in Christmas cards and sang it in church, and every Christmas my heart wanders back to it. It still brings tears to my eyes when I think of what that first night must have been like for a young girl holding the Son of God in her arms, and her husband wondering how he would ever be worthy of the honour of protecting and raising Him. This is the wonder of Christmas.

From Some Far Place
From some far celestial place
unobserved by human eye,
he came,
unfettered by the chains of time
 and space.
A mystery.
God’s vastness,
concentrated in one tiny seed,
would grow to be a child
of form, and face.

She sat within the starlight
and held him while he slept.
Her firstborn child -
she laughed with joy,
would bear her sin and die -
she wept.
Beyond the distant hills
she thought she dimly heard a song
...did angels sing?
Quietly she stored these things
within her heart and thought
of what the years would bring.

Her husband stood beside her,
an ache to understand
inside his heart.
An angel dream had told him -
he had known 
about this moment from the start.  
And yet -
Jehovah’s son? His wife?
Could it be
that they would give each other life?

From some far celestial place
unobserved by human eye,
he came.
A stranger to the weary race on earth.
A mystery.
He, spirit, took on human life
to give us, human, 
spirit birth.


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