"Crazy Love"

Crazy Love by Francis Chan

Francis Chan is a pastor in California, a founder of Eternity Bible College and a speaker to students around the Unites States. The information on the back cover says he is "committed to teaching directly from the Bible" and "his passion is to see the church display a much deeper love for Jesus".

I was struck by the first line of the Preface: "We all know something's wrong." When a friend gave me this book to read I figured it would be one more authour telling me to do more, give more, live better, be better. The market is flooded with those kinds of books from writers who mean well, are sincerely trying to help and have good things to say. But nothing changes. We try harder, keep it up for awhile then end up frustrated, still knowing that "something's wrong." There's more to life, but we don't know what.

In "Crazy Love" Francis Chan helps us see what the real problem is: we aren't in love with God. Of course there are many, many Christians all over the world who love God and serve Him faithfully out of that love, but I also think it's true that there are many, many more who are unsatisfied, unhappy and even bored with their Christian lives. The Bible calls us "lukewarm" and Chan shows us how to get out of that comfortable but unsatisfying spot and move into a more exciting life. He's honest and straightforward but kind, with the result that you feel encouraged rather than condemned.

I think this is an important book, not because what he has to say is new, but because it's true. And the truth really does set us free. He asks hard questions like "What are you doing right now that requires faith?" and "Are you ready and willing to make yourself nothing?". His goal is to help us see ourselves realistically so that we can face our dissatisfaction and do something about it. When we understand - really know - God's crazy, limitless love for us, we will respond by falling in love with Him, and only then will we be able to live the abundant life He died to give us.


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