"Flight To Heaven"

Flight To Heaven by Captain Dale Black

Captain Black is a retired pilot who was the only survivor of an "unsurvivable" plane crash when he was a young man. He sustained horrific injuries that were expected to cripple him for life, but he was determined to fly again. He had the faith to ask for healing and believe he would receive it, faith that came from an incredible thing he experienced after the accident.

While he was in a coma, Dale Black went to Heaven. What he saw, heard and felt there changed his life. He talks about angels, music and the "truth that prevails and has supremacy in heaven." He saw light and colours as he'd never seen them before and flowers "that were beautiful to behold. Each petal and leaf illuminated with that glorious light...". He struggled to find words to describe the beauty: "If millions of jewels had been gathered into one place and the brightest sunlight shone through them it wouldn't begin to describe the colors I saw."

At the center of it all was God: "...a great phosphorescent display of light that narrowed to a focal point that was brighter than the sun, a light that didn't make me squint to look at it but was palpable" and had "substance to it, weight and thickness, like nothing I had ever seen before or since." His descriptions are breathtaking , even given our human limitations in talking about and understanding heavenly things.

The title being what it is, I was expecting more of the book to be about his experience in heaven, but most of it is about his recovery and healing as he worked his way back to being a pilot and living a full, productive life. It is a fascinating story but I was drawn back again and again to the 12 or so pages he filled with descriptions of heaven. I can't get enough of it.

I was so engrossed in what I was reading that I forgot it was a library copy and started underlining passages with reckless abandon. Now I'm off to the library to confess and offer to purchase a replacement copy. I really have to stop doing this.


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