A Time Apart

I'm not getting much reading done these days. I'm spending a lot of time at the hospital where my 89 year old Mum is in a steady decline. We were looking forward to a 90th birthday party in October but that's looking less and less likely each day. She was in hospital in February for two weeks, then home for three, then back in. It's sad to see how much weaker she is now than she was just a month ago. It's been difficult for all of us to see her suffering with vomiting, pain and confusion. At this point we just want her to be comfortable. 

I had been reading a biography of Albert Einstein but it became a bit too much for my stressed and tired brain so I set it aside and am now reading Travels With My Aunt by Graham Greene. It's light and it fits into my purse so I can keep it with me for a few odd minutes reading here and there. The Einstein would require a Uhaul. I'm supposed to read "Bellman and Black" for book club but I'm not sure at this point if that will happen. 

I do have one post I still need to write. I finished "A Lady Cyclist's Guide to Kashgar" a few weeks ago and I hope to get something posted about it eventually. I didn't like it. That may be all I end up saying.

Wishing you all a great weekend,


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