Easter, "One of Ours" and an update on other things.

Mum was home for 10 days and is back in the hospital again, this time with an infection. She's weak and exhausted from these constant hospital trips. But tomorrow is Easter, (technically it is now at 1:44 pm.) so we'll take her some flowers and try to brighten her day as best we can.

I finished "One Of Ours" by Willa Cather and found it quite good. I'm a fan of Cather's writing. I find it articulate, down to earth, and easy to read. She tells a good story and makes her settings come alive. This book follows a young man named Claude through his coming-of-age years on his family farm, his education and romances, his dis-satisfaction with his life, and his eventual enlistment and participation in the First World War. Here he found his real purpose in life and could become the man he'd always wanted to be. I recommend the book because of the great writing and good story.

I wish each of you a blessed Easter. This is the most important day in the Christian calendar, a day that gives us reason to celebrate in spite of whatever else is going on, because it's the day that reminds us we are not alone and we shall never be alone again. There is a God who cares about us, and who has made a way for us to relate to Him in a personal way. He's not waiting for us to be perfect, He's just waiting for us to reach out to Him no matter where we are in life, no matter what we've done or neglected to do. Because of Him, we have hope in the darkest of circumstances and peace that doesn't depend on what is happening around us. If you have questions about any of this please feel free to email me at mcfadden(dot)dianne1(at)gmail(dot)com and I would be honoured to try to help you find the answers

Happy Easter! He is Risen!


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