Tragedy Tonight in My City

Tonight my city is on lock down and in mourning as police search for a 24 yr old man who has shot five police officers, killing three. The man is, or was, on foot and carrying two high powered rifles, a knife and crossbow. A large area of town has been told to lock their doors, take their families into one room in their basement and stay there till they get the all clear. Many families tonight are huddled into small bathrooms, closets, etc trying to keep their children calm through the night. 

I have two nieces and their families living in the lock down zone. Another friend with three small children lives there as well. Traffic is closed off in some areas, and the hospital is locked down and on alert in case of possible mass casualties. Police from other areas are coming in to assist in the manhunt. There will be little sleep had in this city till the gunman is caught.

We are praying for the families of the lost officers, for the injured officers, for the safety of the residents of the locked-down neighborhoods and for the protection of all who are out on the streets trying to stop this madman. God bless you for your selfless service to  our community. We pray this will end quickly and without further injury or loss of life. 

Anxiously waiting.


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