"The Rosie Project"

The Rosie Project  by Graeme Simsion

Don Tillman is one of the more memorable characters I've come across in a while. A genetics professor, he is logical, highly organized, awkward and utterly sincere. He'll frustrate you but you'll fall in love with him anyway. All Don wants is to find a mate, a partner for life, but he hasn't got the first idea how to go about it. His few attempts at dating have been disasters so he figures he's not suitable as a husband or father and it's best if he just settles for living alone. 

Then he hits upon the idea of creating a questionnaire for prospective mates. It turns out to be a 16 page, double sided test on everything from likes and dislikes to education, eating habits and how they feel about punctuality. He leaves nothing to chance and sends it out to hundreds of candidates found on internet match-making sites. 

Then out of the blue Rosie walks into his life, looking for help finding the identity of her biological father. No girl could be farther from his ideal, and yet there's something about her. The one thing they have in common is that they are both a bit peculiar. Watching them try to cope with their various quirks is funny and sad, and it makes for an entertaining story. It's original, well written and well paced, and hard to put down once you begin. Don Tillman will make you crazy but you'll also find yourself rooting for him because he's such a good guy. He's innocent and lovable, a bit like Sheldon Cooper, only he isn't the self-absorbed jerk that Sheldon can be.   

Smart and funny, sweet and serious, this is a genuinely engaging story that I'm sure you will enjoy. 


Anonymous said...

I loved this book and is one that I recommend to lots of people - there's something in it for all kinds of readers.

Alas, the sequel (The Rosie Effect) did not measure up. At all. In fact, I wish I hadn't read it...

Ordinary Reader said...

Oh no! I hate it when sequels don't measure up, especially when you really loved the first one. What a shame!

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