"The Skin Map" "A Doll's House" "The Path of Celtic Prayer"

 The Skin Map by Stephen Lawhead

This book is the first of a series, a fact I didn't discover till after I'd started reading. I don't really like series as a rule and I usually check but I was so interested in the plot line that I missed it.

It started off great, with interesting characters and a compelling story, but as I got farther into it I came across weak spots in both the story and the writing. Some coincidences were a bit too much to swallow and there is one character who adapted to extreme circumstances far more easily than would seem realistic. The review I read that caught my attention said it was a science fiction story for those who like a little more science in their fiction. I looked forward to the science and was actually disappointed that there wasn't more of it.

Having said that, it is a decent story, but I don't think I'll read the rest of the series.

A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen

This is the first time I've ever listened to an audio book. I couldn't quite imagine it but I have to say it was very enjoyable. I found it a good deal faster than reading, and quite mesmerizing; I couldn't stop listening even when I really should have.

The story centers around a woman who lives - what at first appears to be - a frivolous life with her husband and children. She seems fairly lightweight until we discover that she's been working behind the scenes to ensure her husband's success and their prosperity. He has no idea what she's been up to and he treats her like she's his personal toy, a doll, hence the title. As she prepares for a Christmas party, flirts with a family friend, and dodges a bill collector she begins to realize the futility of her life and is faced with making a life-changing decision.

I'm wondering if I found it so intriguing because it's a play. It was a recording of an actual performance, so each character was played by a different individual and had a different voice. If it was a novel read by one voice I don't know if I would have enjoyed it as much.

It's worth saying that though I listened to the entire play, I still don't feel as if I've read the book. I know the story and the characters, but I feel more as if I've watched a movie than read a book. When I do watch a movie, I don't let myself cross that title off my reading list, so should I with this? Maybe it's not the same because what I listened to was word for word what is in the book. I'm still not sure how I feel about "reading" this way but I will continue the adventure until I make up my mind.

The Path of Celtic Prayer by Calvin Miller

There's some interesting history in this book and I found several prayers I want to use in my devotions, but I didn't find it to be the inspiration I think it was meant to be. Miller's "The Singer Trilogy" made it onto my favourite books list but this one didn't come close to captivating me the way they did. He was an excellent writer though.


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