Taking a break from blogging...

Hello, faithful readers. I know you are only a few but you have stuck around through thick and thin for several years now and I appreciate every one of you.

I feel it's time, now, for me to take a break from blogging due to certain life situations that I'm sure would bore you were I to talk about them here. I don't know how long the break will be, but I expect at least for the summer. Right now the stress of knowing I have to write a post on every book is taking all the joy out of reading, the one thing I have always relied on for relaxation and escape. It has become just one more pressure, one more chore. I want to get back to where reading was a help and not a hindrance. 

I will leave the blog up in hopes that things will change in a few weeks or months and I can come back to it. If, after a time, it seems I won't be able to get back to it at all then I guess I'll take it down and that will be the end of my blogging career. In the meantime I'll continue to add titles to my lists as I finish books but I won't be writing posts about them. 

Thank you all so much for spending time here and for your kindness and comments.

Here's to reading just for fun for awhile... 

Ordinary Reader


Anonymous said...

All the best Dianne and I hope you return to the blogging world again soon (in the meantime, enjoy lots of happy, stress-free, obligation-free reading).

Ordinary Reader said...

I'm always surprised what a difference a few kind words can make. Thank you for your words. I can't tell you how much they are appreciated.

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