The Book of Lost and Found

 The Book of Lost and Found by Lucy Foley

It's been a while since I read this and I've forgotten a lot of the details, but I remember enough to know that it was a pretty good story and I liked it. 

Set in four locations - 1920's London, occupied Paris, gorgeous Corsica, and New York City - it moves back and forth between them and three different timelines without being too confusing. Ok I may have skipped back a couple of times to make sure of where and when I was, but overall it was well done.

June Darling, the main character, loses her mother - a world famous ballerina - and her grandmother, but finds a grandfather - a world famous artist - she didn't know existed. Researching her family history she uncovers a decades long, ill-fated love story that brings clarity to her past and ultimately sets her on a new path to the future.

The overall tone is mildly tragic with the two lovers never managing to get together (this is not a spoiler; it's clear from the beginning) and other missed opportunities for relationships, but it's not all sad. Some things are lost, but others are found. And with a ballerina, an artist, and June being a photographer, it opened up a world of art that was exciting to take in. The descriptions of Corsica are so lush and vivid,
you can feel the warmth and smell the flowers, and the villa June visits is the stuff of dreams. 

 The pace is a bit slow, but in this book I enjoyed that, and the ending is both satisfying and hopeful. I don't need happy endings but I'm glad this one led where it did. This was a good read. 


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