True Believers

 True Believers by Linda Dorrell

Set in the southern U.S. in the 1950s, this is the story of a woman using her share of an inheritance to buy an old church and fix it up for a local preacher and his congregation. There are those in the community who aren't happy with her plan, particularly her three rather unpleasant sisters who think she's foolishly throwing her money away. In spite of the town's disfavour, and a forecast storm that could destroy everything they've worked for, she and the preacher set to work, aided by a hard-working, good-looking itinerant carpenter. The three become friends but they all have secrets and their relationships are tested as these come to light. They must face the mistakes and tragedies of their pasts and hope that faith and good intentions will make things right. 

This is a story Hallmark could make into a movie, though not a Christmas one. Do they make non-Christmas movies? It has all the right ingredients - family, romance, people in need, people who want to help, and people who believe - in God, not Santa Clause, a more reasonable faith to my thinking. It's a bit cliched and predictable, but it's a nice, uplifting story many will appreciate.  


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