Nemesis by Agatha Christie

I'm just getting into the Miss Marple novels and am quite enjoying them. With wonderful writing and quirky characters they could, I'm sure, become addictive.

In this one Miss Marple is surprised to receive a letter asking her to meet with the solicitors of a recently deceased old acquaitance. At their office they explain that the deceased has left her a large sum of money, contingent on her accepting the challenge of solving a mystery. 

She's given no further information, but a couple of weeks later she receives an invitation to a home and garden tour, all expenses paid. Making the acquaintance of others on the tour raises a few questions, and when one of them is killed in a suspicious accident it leads to the discovery of a previous crime and the reason her friend wanted her to get involved.

I love the way this author puts together the pieces of the puzzles she creates. I'm not a fan of how she concludes the stories with a fairly long summary of what happened and how she detected each clue and what it meant - I'd rather those things be revealed as the story progresses - but I so enjoy her writing that I will keep reading them. This one is in an omnibus of 4 stories, of which this was the second I've read. I'm hoarding the other two for one of those inevitable times when I'll be discouraged with other books and will need to read something I know I can count on to be enjoyable. Agatha Christie always comes through.


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