The Constant Companion

 The Constant Companion by M.C. Beaton

A light novel of the Regency Romance genre. Not sure why I keep reading these as I haven't much liked any of the ones I've tried. I seem to keep hoping one will come along to change my mind but that has not happened.

I have to say 'spoiler alert' as the ending will be mentioned, though these novels (at least the ones I've read) all have the same ending. As for characters there is the usual assortment of handsome lords and fashionable ladies, with the main character being an impoverished young girl who comes to the city to be a lady's companion. She, Constance, is badly treated by her evil mistress and then rescued by one of the handsome lords. Her change of situation seems to be accompanied by a corresponding and rather inexplicable change in her personality, but maybe that impression came from the change in tone of the narrator on the audio recording. It might have been less apparent, or not there at all, if I'd been reading it. 

Constance and her lord, Phillip, can't decide if they love or hate one another, but when she is kidnapped and her life threatened by a conniving group of servants, they come to their senses and the requisite happy ending ensues.   

So that's it. I tried not to sound too snarky (I failed, you say?), but I find these stories so over-the-top as to be almost outrageous. I can hear all the regency romance fans out there loundly thinking Then don't read them

Well, allright then, I won't. 


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