A Pale View of Hills

 A Pale View of Hills by Kazuo Ishiguro

I was mesmerized reading this book, then came to the end and was thoroughly confused about what had actually happened. I knew there were things I was missing and that I should start over and read it again, but I couldn't find the will to do it. I have done before, a number of times, and each time found it well worth the time and effort for the insight gained. I don't understand why I couldn't make myself do it this time, especially as Ishiguro is one of my favourite authors. My fear is that I'm becoming a lazy reader and I hate the thought of it. Maybe it's age or maybe - hopefully - it's only a temporary slump in energy, but I'm disappointed in myself. 

On the up side, though, I found a very, very good summary and explanation of A Pale View of Hills themes and characters here. It's far better than anything I could have written and gave me the insight into this novel that I was too lax to observe on my own. I will try to do better.  


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