Something Rotten

 Something Rotten by Jasper Fforde

Book 4 in the Thursday Next series sees Thursday and her two year old son, Friday, leaving BookWorld to return home to the real world, accompanied by none other than Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark. The Prince is on a break to reflect upon why everyone considers him "a ditherer", while Thursday's intentions are to have her eradicated husband uneradicated, get back her job as Literary Detective at SpecOps., find childcare, protect the President from his appointed death six days from now, make sure the the local croquet team wins the Superhoop thereby preventing the apocalypse, avoid the assasin trying to kill her, and stop Yorrick Kaine, a character escaped from BookWorld, from taking over the world and being worshipped as God. 

That list should make it clear how completely ridiculous and wonderful these books are. Wonder-full. Lunatic things happen and you just go along with it all as if it's perfectly normal. There's not been a boring moment in any of them. I don't know how from the great depths of his imagination he comes up with this stuff, but that imagination should be declared a national treasure and protected so he can write books 9 to at least 100. Eight is not going to be enough.


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