Breakfast in Burgundy

 Breakfast in Burgundy by Raymond Blake

In this travel memoir, Blake, from Ireland, buys a house in the Burgundy region of France. He writes about the frustrations of getting renovations done, the beauty of the area, the people he meets and the meals they share. In the vein of Peter Mayle's Provence books, but for me not quite as entertaining.

The stories about fixing up his house are great, as are the descriptions of French food and countryside, but a great deal of the book is about wine. The depth of detail he goes into about vineyards and vintages would probably appeal more to someone with a lot more knowledge than I have. 

He's a terrific writer and parts of the book were fun to read, but the sub-title "A Hungry Irishman in the Belly of France" had me hoping for something lighter. It got bogged down in wine talk and lost me about half way through. 


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