Holy Heat Wave Batman!

For the 5th day in a row it's been hot, hot, hot. With the humidex, the weather woman says it's 40 degrees (Celsius) and even higher. In September. In Canada.  I remember Septembers when I sent my kids back to school in mittens it was so cold. This is crazy.

Last summer I had two air conditioners, but as Jerome K Jerome says "in keeping with the natural cussedness of things" this is the hottest summer on record here so the big air conditioner isn't working right and the small bedroom one was moved to another room to keep somebody else cool. :(

And to make things a little more interesting that $*#@ weather woman is telling us we're going to get hit with a hurricane early Saturday morning. All we've ever had here is the tail end of a hurricane with wind and rain, but this time the eye is expected to hit land in our area. I live on the bank of a tidal river so it might get interesting. If it stays this hot it's gonna rain hot water and we'll all be boiled.

In my admittedly insignificant opinion it's enough that we get the blizzards all winter. Our short little summers should be left alone.

And that's my weather rant. We'll probably lose power so I may not be back for a few days.


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