Lovely Lilacs

Today I'm grateful for the new lilac bushes in our front yard. I grew up around lilacs and took them for granted but now they are one of my favourite signs of summer's approach; I love the gorgeous blossoms and that incredible smell. A pitcher of lilacs on the kitchen table makes me very happy. Up until a few years ago I was able to scrounge a bouquet here and there from friends, but right now I don't know anyone who still has them.
I've been longing to have some in my own yard but that just didn't happen till last year when we found some sturdy looking small bushes and put them on our front lawn. I worried about them over the winter, but they came through and look strong and healthy. They are about a foot taller than they were last summer and this year there are a number of blossoms on each one. I couldn't have my bouquet for the kitchen because it would have taken every last blossom from the bushes, but I can wait a couple more years for that.

Lilacs. One of my favourite things about spring. Do you love them too?


Whitney said...

Beautiful! Lilacs are my favorite flower as well, they have such a clean, sweet scent. I had a lilac bush in my back yard growing up, so I think my adoration stems from that.

Ordinary Reader said...

I probably should have stated the photo is not my own, just one I found online and paid to use. It is gorgeous though isn't it?

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