The Greens of Summer

The sun is finally shining after more cold rainy days here in New Brunswick and oh my goodness how we all need it.  The upside of all this rain, however, is that everything is lush and green. You don’t have to go very far to see how spectacularly green the lawns, shrubs and trees are; even the view of neighboring yards from my front window is gorgeous. Farther out, the countryside is breathtaking. 

 It has occurred to me how easy the colour green is on the eyes and on the nerves, how it calms and soothes. It has also occurred to me (and I've been told it's a little weird thinking this way) how awful it would be if all that green was not green but another colour. What if this lush growth was orange, or fuschia?  How nerve jangling would that be? Brown or gray - how boring? I often think the same way in winter; I am thankful that snow is white. It couldn’t be more perfect, but it certainly could be more ugly. What if there were piles and piles of ugly dark purple snow instead of lovely pristine white? But back to summer….every time I look or go outside this time of year I offer up a quick word of thanks for the beautiful greens of nature. This photo of a friend's back yard shows just how beautiful it can be. I'm grateful for green!   


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