Friday Blog Hop

Welcome! It's Friday and time for the hop, hosted every week by Crazy For Books. Be sure to check out the list of book blogs on the host site for dozens of great reviews and recommendations. The hop is where I found most of the blogs I follow, not to mention the scads of titles I've added to my To Be Read list. 

If you found me through the hop, please leave a comment so I can return the visit. This week we've been asked to tell our names and a bit about why we started blogging, so here goes...

My name is Dianne and I started blogging at the beginning of the new year in January 2010. I had thought about it before but was a little intimidated by all the highbrow book reviews I was reading online. Around Christmas time I began to feel an urge to write that got stronger as time went by. A friend encouraged me to try blogging so I did and I was hooked in no time. It's a wonderful opportunity to talk about books and I'm meeting some nice people. The writing has given me confidence to try writing other things so I have to say that blogging has given me a lot more than I've given it. I plan to keep writing it as long as people will read it.

Hope everyone has a great book to read this weekend,


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