It's Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!

I  have a couple of Canadian authours I want to recommend today. They are wonderful writers, both from the east coast which is also the setting for the two books I'm going to tell you about. I read them some time ago, but the hauntingly beautiful stories have stayed with me.

The first authour is Don Hannah. He is a novelist and playwright, and author of a beautiful book called "Ragged Islands". It's the story of an elderly woman's last days, of her family, her memories and her confusion. I was blown away by the author's ability to get inside this woman's head and tell the story from her point of view. Brilliant.

The second is Bruce Graham who was once a television news anchor and now has several novels to his credit. I've only read one so far, but am looking forward to the others; I love his writing. The one I read is called "Ivor Johnson's Neighbours". It's set in a small town in Nova Scotia and tells the stories of the people who live there. They are people like the ones we all know in our home towns, seemingly ordinary, but made vibrant through Graham's insight and high-definition prose.I absolutely loved this book.

Time to put my feet up and do some reading, then maybe head out to see the Canada Day fireworks. I hope you'll check out these books and that you'll enjoy reading them as much as I did!


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